Tour starts in the early morning at about 9:30, when the Church of Saint Peter in Chains opens to the public, there we shall begin our tour admiring the beautiful creation by the High Renaissance artist Michelangelo – the Tomb of the terrible pope Julius the II and its centerpiece of ‘Moses’. From there we continue towards the symbol of Rome and the peak of the Roman Empire – the Colosseum, used for decades for blood filled battles. We shall march along the imperial road and see the various forums on the side of the road, and proceed towards the Roman Forum-the economical, religious and social center of this ancient city.

We will climb up towards the Capitoline Hill to see yet another of Michelangelo’s projects at the peak of his career, the design of the Capitoline Square with Marcus Aurelius at the center of this star shaped piazza(square). From there we continue our tour towards the busiest of piazzas in modern day Rome, the Piazza Venezia with the Altar of the Fatherland dominating the piazza – a monument that symbolizes the unification of Italy against the despotic rule of the Vatican for 1500 years. Following this we continue our tour towards the Pantheon where we finish the tour in the most impressive and complete architectural remains of the ancient world, realized by non-other than Hadrian, both architect and emperor, third in the line of the Five Good Emperors of Rome.

Tour duration : 3 hours

price is 50€ per person