Jewish Rome Tour – Ghetto, Tiber Island & Capitol

Find out why and how the Jews of Rome survived – and now thrive! We will begin our tour in front of the Great Synagogue of Rome where you will hear the fascinating history of the oldest, uninterrupted Jewish community in the world, a story spanning about 2200 years, tracing from the arrival of the Macabees to Rome by an expedition from Judea, through the time they were brought as slaves by Titus, the Construction of the ghetto by Pope Paul IV Carafa more than a thousand years later, and the emancipation of the Jews after the Unification of Italy. There has always been a constant population of Jews in Rome through time. Your guide’s expertise and contagious passion for both Judaism and Roman history will surely make this an unforgettable experience.
We will then cross the river to the Tiber Island which since ancient times has been dedicated to Medicine. We will remain for a brief moment , to highlight the Ponte Rotto(broken bridge) and see the ancient built in prow which was built in reference to the ship of Aneas. It is speculated that the roots of Roman culture were built from this island. In any case, we can refer to our own modern times and see that on the island there still stand two hospitals, one called the Ospedale Israelitico (Jewish by definition) and the other called Fatebenefratelli. referring back to the ancient tradition of a place of healing and the Temple of Asclepios (the Greek god of medicine) that was once located here. In fact the staff of Asclepios is still the symbol of pharmacies today!
We will head back to the ghetto streets where you will learn about the struggle of the Jews through time and how they overcame these hardships. A long and extensive history that would not be complete without a visit to the Jewish Museum of Rome, recently renovated and doubled in size. It boasts Jewish historic artifacts, marbles, and textiles which cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. Then the tour reaches its high point with a visit inside the breathtaking Great Synagogue of Rome.
We will continue with our tour and head towards the Capitol Hill, where we will see Michelangelo’s skills as an architect and finish with an astonishing view of Rome from atop of the tallest hill of ancient Rome where you can sit back, have a coffee and enjoy the beauty of Rome.

  • the Jewish Museum
  • The Great Synagogue of Rome
  • the Tiber Island
  • Fountain of the Turtles
  • Mattei Palace
  • Marcellus Theater
  • Capitol Hill

price : 30€ per person