Private – Tailored Tours


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for a private tour on one of our ready to go itineraries
itinerary with one of our exceptional guides!
with a Small, Personalised… Specialty-Tour service,
Customise your tours with our mix and match ideas…or your own itinerary!
tell us what you want to see or Provide us with your wishes’ and we’ll tailor an experience for You.
our variated excellent tours along with a private guide such as

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Our Tours

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The Jewish History Tour

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 The Imperial Tour


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Rome by Night Tour

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The Baroque Tour

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Additional Information


Duration in Hours – 03:30 hours

Included Training and riding session – Insurance – Segway rental – Tour Guide.

The Segway is appropriate for virtually anyone 12 and older. Riders must have the ability to make motions such as climbing and descending stairs without assistance. The Segway is not appropriate for those weighing under 100 pounds (45 kilos) or over 250 pounds (113 kilos).

Minimum age requirement is 16 years old. Exceptionally, we can accept after a training session, children at least 12 years old , minimum 45 kg. weight, under parents responsibility written declaration. For senior people (over 75) it is required to have adequate motorial skill like going up and down stairs without help.

Other languages such as french, hebrew, german, italian, spanish, are available on request for groups bigger than 4 people.